GunZ: The Duel is a free multiplayer game created by communists. The premise of the game is that you are a mysterious Asian who must kill other Asians by flying around in the air and attempting to shove your melee weapon into the opponent's rectum. An equally mysterious third faction takes part in the game, known as "lag." Lag makes things appear to happen that shouldn't happen, and is the cause of many undeserved victories. The only person with the ability to defeat lag is the almighty Guntrix, but he still has not unlocked the secrets to defeating it.

Gobrins are the fourth non-player faction. There are many types of gobrin, like the ass-gobrin. Some say, "If one enta da lair of da ass-gobrin many ass-gobrin come at you with large stick and try to rape da korean wit da small gobrin penis." Dis dose not hurt very much though.

Mr. Colbert was suggested as a playable character in the game, but it was turned down by the MAIET team because they were afraid to put in a character that was invincible.

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