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Considered the largest, most notable and "best" Guerilla Poetry Project in the known universe, the GPP at it's heart is about guts, truth and subversive literature. Removed from the Dark Heart and Bowels of Wikipedia for their strong unyielding stance on "notability," the Guerilla Poetics Project sought refuge in the calm, pure world of Wikiality. Even though they may not exist until Wikiality catches up to them, their members believe they exist and that gutsy refusal to submit to being non-notable is being lauded in every media outlet everywhere at every moment of every day.

The Guerilla Poetics Project is a group of poets and literature fans around the world who letterpress-print short poems on cards (called broadsides) and subversively place them into books in bookstores and libraries. Someone finding one of the poems can register it at the group's web site, using a unique ID number printed on the card.

The aim of the group is to expose members of the book-buying public to the literature that exists outside of the corporate publishing world. The need for The Guerilla Poetics Project is two-fold. First, there are very few outlets for those poets who are not affiliated with a university or publishing house -- and not many, even, for those who are. Lastly, there are many great poets in this world who deserve an audience. Aside from scrambling atop a mountain and shouting a "barbaric yawp" over the rooftops, this is the next best alternative.

From the Guerilla Poetics Project manifesto: We here at the GPP believe that poetry is about the human condition. We believe poetry is a hoarse cry "against the dying of the light." We believe that art in its finest expression is the pure distillation of what it means to be human and alive, suffering and dancing up to the edge of the grave. And finally, we believe poetry is about communication: the writer to reader sure, but more importantly, the human to another mortal human.

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