U R Here
Stephen from Knox
Gregory Meeks
has been interviewed for The Colbert Report's


Because Stephen can see neither race or gender, this is how he saw Rep. Meeks


How genderists and race-seers view Rep. Meeks.

Gregory Meeks is the Congressional Representative for New York's 6th district, The Fightin' 6th!

Attempted to Trick Dr. ColbertEdit

Despite the mystery of Rep. Meek's race and gender, Dr. Colbert was able to decypher the language "Gregory" was speaking: American, although it is rumored that he/she is also able to speak Spanish[1].

Who's Your Daddy, Meeks?Edit

Contained in the vagueness of Meeks' race, gender and native language, was hiding a morsel of confused loyalties. Stephen was able to get Meeks to admit receiving his marching orders from Barbra Streisand[2]!

The Jig Is Up!Edit

Meeks claimed to be a "diplomatic congressman", vomitting his creed on Stephen and The Eagle's Nest audience:

To achieve peace, one must talk to one's enemy

Taking hold of this hateful diatribe, Stephen was able to disrobe Meek's real agenda: to help terrorists and establish gay marriage[3].

And of course, this explains why Meeks cancelled his scheduled nailing to attend some homo-commie party held for his doppelganger, Fidel Castro.


  1. Which wouldn't have thrown off Stephen's infallible race non-radar either. In all truthiness, many people mistake Meeks for Fidel Castro!
  2. Did he take his oath of office with his hand on a copy of Funny Lady?
  3. Which probably explains why he spends so much time at those bars in Washington "talking"

Gregory Meeks
is a United States Representative
for the "Fightin' 6th" district of the state of New York

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