Green Room
is an essential component of
The Colbert Report studio atop the Statue of Liberty


Coffee table in green room features display of Big Brass Balls so sweating guests will know what they're about to get nailed by

This is the place at Colbert World Headquarters where guests sit and sweat while waiting to get nailed by Stephen in the Axe Body Spray Interview Zone.

Just so they'll know what's about to greet them, the coffee table in the Green Room features a sculpture of Big Brass Balls. That usually makes them sweat even more.

There's also what looks like a great spread of food, but everyone who appears on the show is so nervous about their inevitable nailing that the food is rarely touched. After each guest leaves humbled by his or her nailing, Meg shoves the food into the 'fridge for the next guest.

It lasts for weeks, but every one of the guests raves about what a great spread Stephen puts out.

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