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Bernie Madoff continuing the proud joowish tradition of “The Greedy Joo”…

Greed is the sin of wanting more than what you've got coming to you. For example, residents of Washington, D.C. want their representative Eleanor Holmes Norton to get a vote in Congress because they are greedy. People who want to "get rich quick" are greedy (everyone knows the only good money is old money). People who want to "save the environment" for "future generations" may seem innocuous enough, but don't let them fool you with their "peace, love, and understanding" act. Don't you have any sense of decency, people? Can't a guy raze a patch of old growth forest to put up a strip mall without you getting all up in my face? Where's my peace, love, and understanding, huh?? Gosh dangit, these frig fram tree huggers are so greedy!

Synonym: uppityness

Sinning TubesEdit

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