The greatest ever paradox was first discovered in February 2007 by Danish scientist Troels V. Larsen. The paradox, which threatens the existence of the Universe originates from the two wisest of all mortals, Stephen Colbert and George W Bush.

Colbert has declared Bush the greatest President ever. Because of this, Bush can never be wrong. Bush has declared Cheney the greatest Vice President ever. And as Bush cannot be wrong, the previous must be true. Therefore, Cheney can never be wrong.

The paradox occurs if Bush and Cheney should ever disagree. That would mean one of them would be wrong, which is impossible.

Exactly what will happen if this event should ever occur, and indeed if it is even possible to trigger the paradox, remains uncertain, but Larsen has stated: "I have a gut feeling it will be bad.. very bad".


Liberal factonistas have disputed the truthiness of the Greatest Ever Paradox.

Their main contention is that a declaration of Greatness does not necessarily make the object of Greatness fallible.

Naturally no one listens to them and their communist hatred of The Greatest.

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