BearShark's Guide to
Godless Killing Machines
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4

For the love of God, kill it! Kill it!

A Greagle is a specific kind of Beagle, the result of breeding between grizzly bears and bald eagles. They devour Republican babies in the night.

They are the End Level Bosses in the Beagle Hierarchy. Known Greagles have included Stalin and Chelsea Clinton.

Greagles are also known to team up with BearSharks to make the ultimate killing force.

Uses: Greagle feathers are being used to make a strange pillow by pillow scientists.

Hunting: In some places in America it is illeagal to kill Greagles due to being part bald eagle. Mainly states that allow gay marriage.

Enemies: Mountain Lions becase of their part eagle. Gays

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