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Grapefruit of knowledge
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The grapefruit of knowledge is what Eve ate in the Garden of Eden. It made her think with her headbone, instead of with her gutbone, thus making her the first liberal.

Liberals in Hawaii grow the grapefruit of knowledge on huge tropical farms. One such liberal is Woody Harrelson. The best thing that Real Americans can do to ensure that the grapefruit of knowledge stops being eaten is to destroy the ecosystems that foster it.

The best way to destroy ecosystems is with nucular weapons. The constitution says that every Real American has the right to bear arms. This means that real americans should hunt bears and cut off their arms to keep as trophies. It also means that every Real American has a right to own a nucular weapon to protect himself from the Freedom Haters, and to destroy ecosystems and other breeding grounds of liberal scum.

As a more precise and truthy overview, the Grapefruit Of Knowledge was designed by the dastardly devil fruitmaker's servant, whom we shall refer to as Hanz, (for we dare not speak his true name), to attract the first woman on earth to partake in its terrible burden of liberalism. The Devil Fruitmaker's servant planted the fruit right next to the very large and elaborate section of the garden dedicated purely to the ultimate bounty of Truthiness, as part of his very dangerous ruse. Too female to notice this feeble disguise, Eve merely inspected the fruit with hap-hazard scrutiny at best, before consuming the Grapefruit of Knowledge. Colbert shed a single tear as his barbeque had just been ruined, and then he was bound by Truthy Law to eliminate the Garden of Edenfrom the earth and punish the first liberal with his truthiness powers. Unfortunately, this message did not resound throughout the generations as well as he had hoped, because several hundred years later Stephen was forced to unleash the most devastating maelstrom of water ever recorded to wipe out what was then the greatest concentration of liberalism the world had ever seen... ALL BECAUSE OF THE GRAPEFRUIT OF KNOWLEDGE

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