"Grand Theft Auto"
Is an essential component of's Internets Tube for Nerds
"Grand Theft Auto"
is for the kids!

Grand Theft Auto is a learning simulator for children on how to live on the streets. They learn some very basic skills, from handling an Uzi to off roading in tractors. Grand Theft Auto has had a very controversial entry, San Andreas, where the children's grandmothers sued the game maker (Rockstar Games) because they bought the game for their kids.

Grand Theft Auto is the world's greatest pre military training simulator. Developed by Rockstar games funded primarily by General David Petraus in 1997, the players have joined the greatest military force the universe the world has ever seen. There is no other way a 13 year old can learn how to aim, fire and reload an m16a2 Service rifle, accept in Liberty City, Vice City or in San Andreas. Rockstar Games and the american General's they work for should be respected and patronized as much as possible to keep the draft away.

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