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Hey, where the hell is
Grand Canyon???
I don't care all that matters is that it's AMERICAN...hey nice ass, lady!
God Touching Adam
"Grand Canyon"
you have been touched in a very special way.


The Grand Canyon is a big ditch in the southwestern United States (primarily Arizona) that is approximately 277 miles long, almost a mile deep at its deepest point and varies in width between a quarter of a mile to about 15 miles.

How the Grand Canyon Came into ExistenceEdit

God made the Grand Canyon so that the Colorado River would have a place to stay.

It is no more than 4,500 years old[1].

How America Got the Grand CanyonEdit


An Indian looking over the Grand Canyon and probably crying like a girl (like they do)

Bill O'Reilly's current best-seller, Culture Warrior (on sale now at Barnes & Noble), tells the truthy story of how Papa Bear claimed the Grand Canyon for America. At great personal risk, and wearing nothing but a thin blue wind-breaker, O'Reilly braved the rugged terrain of our nation's most photogenic natural landmark. Culture Warrior goes on to relate how Papa Bear fought off the winged-bear minions of the evil Queen Isabella so that he could personally plant the American Flag in the Canyon's hard, rocky soil.

The Grand Canyon is quite a place. The American People owe God and Bill O'Reilly a huge debt for giving it to us.

U R Here
Animated USflag
Grand Canyon
is one of the ways God Blessed America.

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