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Grammy Awards
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Grammy Awards
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The official award show of the music industry that keeps giving awards to Alison Krauss, U2, Bruce Springsteen, Kanye West, The Dixie Chicks and Beyonce. On occasions Herbie Hancock has been known to pull an upset.

2010 UpdateEdit


2009 UpdateEdit

In 2009 Our Glorious Stephen was nominated for a Grammy Award for "Best Spoken Word Album" for I Am American (And So Can You). He is competing against Steve Martin, Sidney Poitier, David Sedaris and the Audiobook for An Inconvenient Truth in which Beau Bridges, Cynthia Nixon & Blair Underwood are nominated. Stephen is more passionate about winning a Grammy than Kanye West is. Unfortunately Stephen lost the award to Beau Bridges, Cynthia Nixon & Blair Underwood for "An Inconvenient Truth". THIS MEANS WAR Al Gore!!!!!!!!

2007 Update Edit

  • Stephen Colbert did not host The Grammy Awards. The opening slot was taken away from Stephen and The Colberts when The Police reunited and offered to write a song which did not support The President. It's an offer that Hollywood couldn't refuse.
  • The Dixie Chicks won five awards.
  • Next year it is expected that Led Zeppelin will take the opening spot with Lars Ulrich on the drums and Michael Jackson will open the awards ceremony until a prototype collectable doll malfunctions forcing Jackson to be banned from the awards forever and leave the Country by flying his newly aquired Howard Hughes built "Hercules" from Miami to Cuba.
  • It is also expected that ratings for The 2008 Grammy Awards will skyrocket provided Amy Winehouse makes a clean sweep.


Grammy Awards

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