Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
is part of the United States Federal Government.
Don't ask; asking only helps the terrorists.
Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
has bad teeth and a funny accent because it is British.

The Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland is a parliamentary democracy.

British Monarch Edit

The King or Queen of the United Kingdom is also the monarch of the Commonwealth Realm. The throne is usually occupied by descendants in the royal family, though they have been know to scrape the bottom of the barrel for fat, out of work actors.

Executive Edit

Government departmentsEdit

Legislative Edit

The two houses actually hate each other so much, they don't actually refer to the other house by name. Instead, they merely say, "the other house" or "another place." Similar to the way your mother refers to your dad without actually referring to him by his real name. Not that you knew it anyway.

House of CommonsEdit

The United Kingdom is divided into 646 constituencies (districts) who each elect their own member of parliament (MP) to represent them in the house of commons. Prime Ministers and Leaders of the Opposition have been drawn only from the house of commons. The house of commons mirrors the house of representatives in serious government.

House of LordsEdit

(the kids room)

Unlike the house of the commons, members of the house of lords are either hereditary members, bishops, or appointed members. (which opposes the house of commons that is entirely appointed members). They are, for the most part, still an aristocratic chamber of parliament - though they are not the most powerful of the two houses. Once again, proving their lack of American values.

Judiciary Edit

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