Goodnight Bush 500


Goodnight Bush (ISBN 031604041X) is the greatest children's book of all time. Gone is the false sense of security offered by Goodnight Moon, replaced by the actual security offered by George W. Bush. It takes a look back at one of the greatest presidencies of all time, showing us everything that has been improved, strengthened, and ennobled over the last eight years. Every American parent should lull their child to sleep with this comforting story, and happily read it again and again, until we've all memorized it in our guts, and Michael Chertoff's gut.

Authors Erich Origen and Gan Golan were honored and humbled to receive their nomination for The Stephen T. Colbert Award for The Literary Excellence. They get it. Interestingly, "Goodnight Bush" is the first nominee to contain other nominated books—look closely at the bookshelf in "the situation room" and you'll spot Papa Bear's "Culture Warrior" and many other Literary Excellences.

While I'm no fan of books, the illustrations in this one made me realize it's just the reading I dislike. Like Bush, I need a visual, and man does this book give it to both of us! I suppose I'll have to get over the fact that Goodnight Bush has kicked my book's butt since its release.

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