Golden Rule
has nothing to do with Dr. Colbert! Fix it, or it will be Dead To Me and Stephen!
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The Golden Rule (or Rule of the Gold) mostly applies to friends (because friendship is golden). The rule (or set of rules) states that anyone who has the balls to claim friendship shall passively accept anything you or relatives see fit. The rationalization of this is of course done through comparison with death...which of course is mostly considered the shorter of the two straws. The law finishes it up by demanding you not call retarded retarded and do it with a smile, mister! (but not a fake smile cause we're sick of that shit)...and it better be a real smile cause you have a habit of being crude...but don't take it personally and please don't smile for a period outlasting 4 seconds because thats just TOO nice. mkay? any problems with that...just friend. k?

The Golden RulerEdit

The Golden Ruler decides everything. It is a very coveted position. (no pun intended)

What the Golden Ruler is the decider of...Edit

  • All current, past and future hypotheticals
  • simple tasks that truly mean nothing and are so easy to do. (which does in no way remove freedoms of which all Americans hold dear)

Depending on you for a non-laughable arrangement Edit

when some dumbass comes up with a plausible solution to problems by being paid to act like a jackass for the good of the country. making the distinction between total asshat and honorable citizen that much harder to make.

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