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Going Rogue was a Featured Word on 10/26/2008.
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Going Rogue
is Very Manly™.

Going Rogue (adj/noun. You got a problem?)

  1. It is the highest state of Maverickness. It is achieved when the Student Maverick surpasses the Master's Mavericky Abilities.
  2. An euphemism for stop wearing underwear and other restrictive garments. To liberate one's balls/vagoo from the oppressive regime.


In most hierarchical teaching structures (and on the Karate Kid DVD), the master will determine when the student is ready. The sheer nature of Maverickness dictates that a true Maverick can trust no one (just in case they have to get Mavericky on their ass). A Maverick Master not only understands this, the Master embraces and condones the student's Roguegoing action when it eventually occurs (even if the action appears to others not enlightened to the Maverick Way to be insubordination). Many Maverick Masters have acted as soothsayers and foretold of their student's eventual Roguegoing.


Mrs. Todd Palin on the cover of Rogue. Wardrobe © 2008 Republican National Committeee.

Going Rogue is the final, spiritual awakening phase of Maverickness. Once achieved, the Maverick no longer has to be a team player or perform time-wasting activites like reaching across the aisle.

Going Rogue Paragraph of GibberishEdit

The following paragraph is random gibberish, to illustrate a article Going Rogue...

Going rogue makes the roguegoer both better and worse than their master, as that they realize that what their master said too could be untroe. The roguegoer, however, is similar to a vampire in that he or she (most likely he) will live forever, unless of course a stake is driven through the heart.

Famous Rogue Goers and approximate date of RoguegoingEdit

(Teacher noted in parenthesis)


Joe the Plumber on the cover of Rogue. Joe really wishes that Barack Hussein Obama would have left him alone, respected his privacy and not chatted with him. He is very reluctant to have been pushed into the spotlight against his will.

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