The Godfather or Don Corleone is the stupid, fat, pie-shoveling, Italian-American mob-gangster that is portrayed by Marlon Brando, a communist Jew from Nebraska. The Godfather appears in The Godfather: Part I and The Godfather: Part II, which are decent movies, if you consider a 12-hour long video of fat Italian-American mob-gangsters talking, not actually partaking in, but talking about capping other fat Italian-American mob-gangsters a decent movie. If not, then don't waste a day of your life. You will never get that day back! Trust me.

If you are a fan of these worthless movies, here are other movies you may be found of: Carlito's Way, Pootie Tang, and Slumdog Millionaire. Borrriiiing, right? You people are all islamo-terrorists, who eat at places like Olive Garden and McDonalds.

The Godfather often rides bikes with Lance Armstrong and former President of the Great Nation of Texas, George W. Bush. The Godfather once owned the baseball team the Texas Rangers, with his former lover George W. Bush. They went winless that one year, because the players had nightmares about what Bush and The Godfather's sexual life was like. Sorry, now you too shall have those nightmares.

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