The other big red button Stephen has the privilege of pushing.


Stephen with what purports to be a God Machine.

The God Machine™ is not an iPhone. It is a device which God gave unto Stephen Colbert for the express purpose of communicating with Him.

Although Apple's iPhone is referred to as 'The God Machine' by the elitist secular progressive press, until Steve Jobs gives Stephen a free iPhone, he will continue to speak to God via the real God Machine.

The God Machine is still working to convert the heathens over at The Daily Show, namely the noted Canadian whore Samantha Bee. It has been known to travel to the set of The Colbert Report to be re-charged by the warm inner light of Stephen's soul.

In the family of the God Machine is its lesser known cousin, The Gay Machine. It has a dildo for a lever, and enjoys getting yanked by Rob Corddry.

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