1. God Haters is too "listy"
2. It needs help.
3. If you do not fix it
4. It will be deleted.

Description Edit

God haters are terrible sick creatures, who are going straight to hell. They hate Jesus, and Stephen Colbert as well. They are terrorist, fascist, Nazis. God haters are mostly comprised of the democrat party and other liberals.

How to Identify a God HaterEdit

God Haters tend to betray themselves by certain habits that the observant believer can detect. If you know someone who cannot be in the presence of clergy without screaming obscenities, frequently desecrates American Flags or has a pet bear, they may be a God-Hater. Inform them that they must accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior or face further action. If they do not do so in 48 hours, tie them to a chair and baptize them by force.

Haters Edit

God (Jesus) Haters include the following:

Past times Edit

Past Times of these groups/people:

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