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"God-shaped Hole"
is a part of's dictionary, "Watch What You Say". For the full dictionary, click here.
Body Parts Series


The vacuous opening God hand-built into everyone. Everyone's hole must be filled by God. You may rightiously cram the Lord Jesus Christ into your God-shaped-hole. Keep shoving, even if it hurts. A tight fit ensures that the devil can never dislodge your symbiotic chunk of God Flesh.


Become a Killing Machine without first filling your God-shaped Hole. If you do you will become a Godless Killing Machine.

Godless Communists, Gays, and Scientists try to fill this hole with deities or Vice. This will never work! The hole is God-shaped and anything else will eventually work its way out, probably at an inconvenient time.

You will go through life like you're about to poop your pants while stuck in a traffic jam, but in a religious sense.

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