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God Touching Adam
"God's Advocate"
you have been touched in a very special way.

"God's Advocate"
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God's Advocate - The advocate for good; with the other now being the ACLU. (or the devil's advocate) In the United States, these good advocates are sorely outnumbered, and even silenced by the wishers of ungood.

Origin Edit

The origin of the phrase spans back into the biblical era when early wishers of ungood said they were being misrepresented by the acts of Jesus. A small council was then formed consisting of a few friends of Jesus and a few demons serving as the devil's advocates to debate whether or not Jesus' miracles were impending upon the rights of the healed or otherwise proven unconstitutional. This tradition continued and the small council became known as "government" with fewer and fewer of god's advocates returning to the table for each debate.


New Hollywood is fighting for God's Advocate. All movies made since 9-11 will feature God's Advocate and Heaven's Angels. they will include more references to spirituality in everyday life, religious figures in everyday life, more young people getting married and observing Christian values.

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