"Go It Alone"
was featured by Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, D.F.A. on "The Wørd" segment of "The Colbert Report"
For all wørds featured, click here, for's dictionary, click here.

January 18, 2007

19 part series "We're Turning the Corner in Iraq"

ep #1 phantom menace

abandoning the GPE

pink elephants



joe lieberman

loyatly above all else

question nothing

aluminum tubes

saddam's link to 911

read the stranger



infected admin

GWB on 60 mins


flexible open-minded

if we wanted flexible, open-minded, we would have elected al gore

respect strength

henric ibsen

strongest man in the world is he who stands alone

bush strong army of one

win the people back, listen to them even less

medicare lower drug prices

threaten veto

stand strong for pfizer

show more contempt for us, we will respect you for it

best way to win our respect is to know eveyrthing we are thinking and still choose to ignore it

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