Global Climate Change is not the same as 'global warming,' which is an alarmist invention of hippie scientists. Global Climate Change is a serious problem bravely pointed out for the very first time by George W. Bush in his January 23, 2007 State of the Union address.

The Earth is currently undergoing change, not warming, and change can occur in many ways:

Possible Global ChangesEdit

  • Skies may become bluer
  • Rain may become chocolatey

Remember, it's not the global heat, it's the global humidity that kills you (and polar bears.)

Sciencyific Proof of Global Climate ChangeEdit

In the 2008 International Conference on "John Coleman is going to sue Al Gore!" Climate Change, Sound Scientist Fred Singer showed compelling proof of Global Climate Change.[1] That is all you need to know.

Flag commie quote open
The meeting was largely framed around science, but after the luncheon, when an organizer made an announcement asking all of the scientists in the large hall to move to the front for a group picture, 19 [of the 500] men did so.
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~ Andrew "I Hate America" Revkin

Folks Who Dig Global Climate ChangeEdit

People who believe in sell understand Global Climate Change are known as... DramaticQuestionMark\mathfrak{Climate} \mathfrak{Realists}. They include

  • John "I want to sue Al Gore!" Coleman,[2] founder of the Weather Channel which had since been infiltrated by traitors;
  • Christopher "I want someone else to sue Al Gore!" Monckton,[3] Third Viscount Monckton of Brenchley in the United Kingdom, and author of The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS;[4] and
  • S. Fred Singer, co-creator of the "Oregon Oregan Petition".[5]


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