is an insidious part of the
Fancy-pantsification of America!

A typical gay female Gender Studies professor ready to do battle on your Cornhole.

Glennedickteens are critics of cornholism, most of them are gay women intellectuals who commit themselves to perverse positions of instruction in Gender Studies programs in liberal and therefore un-American universities in the United States. We don't need to go into the etymology of their name to have our collective gut tell us what their commitment to intellectual integrity entails and the photograph should be enough evidence that their initiation rights must be painful. But suffice it to say that the Glennedickteens don't honor Glenn Beck as a legitimate cornholist, they mock glennedictines as though they weren't powerful, manly or noble, they hate Robert Cornhole and they have never recieved instruction or training in cornholism at the only reputable cornholist-institution in the world, namely The Center for Advanced Cornhole Studies in Atlanta, Georgia.

The future of GlennedickteensEdit

Because Stephen Colbert, may his name be praised, is now being hailed in Iran as a beautiful man, there is hope that our cornholer, Colbert Himself, will be able to have a fatwa placed on Glennedickteens, to say nothing of all the presidents of the universities in America who haven't yet awarded our cornholer with an honory degree. Brigham Young University may be excluded from the fatwa, but only if Stephen Colbert feels so in his gut.

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