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In March, 2007, the faculty of a Florida university voted to deny an honorary degree to former governor, Jeb Bush.

This is outrageous!

Every award possible should be given to every member of The Greatest President Ever and every member of his family for simply rewarding Americans with their presence.

We should be happy they don't up and leave us for greener pastures.

America, we need to right this wrong.

Please post below the awards you feel Mr. Jeb Bush should receive instead of some elitist "honor" handed out by a bunch of intellectuals.

Awards For JebEdit

  1. Medal of Freedom
  2. Nobel Prize
  3. BIO Governor of the Year Award 2006 (He already has this one)
  4. BIO Governor of the Year Award 2007 (He deserves it again this year, even out of office, for winning a Life Sciences award while opposed to stem cell research)
  5. Straightest Former Governor married to an immigrant, and whose brother is president
  6. The American Film Institute Life Achievement Award (For all of his excellent performance on boring political shows throughout Florida)
  7. The Prof. McDoc award given to anyone deemed colbertific enough by the Colbert Loyalists, given out by Prof. McDoc.
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