The Gingrich Republican Retirement Home

Welcome to the Gingrich Republican Retirement Home!

We offer suites to meet all your post-employment needs.

The official headquarters for Tom DeLay's new PAC, "G.A.I.N." which can be found at his webpage, tom delay dot com.


  • heated indoor swimming pool
  • indoor tennis
  • weight room
  • sauna
  • jacuzzi
  • full-service dining available 24 hours, 7 days a week
  • satellite TV
  • cable internets tube
  • nightly bland entertainment
  • on-site legal department
  • 24 hour document disposal facilities
  • crony visitation program
  • brush clearing classes
  • daily talking points updates
  • lobbyist sponsored hunting excursions
  • complete citizen's FBI file database access

Former ResidentsEdit

Current ResidentsEdit


Theme SongEdit

Take all your overgrown infants away somewhere
and build them a home, a little place of their own
The Gingrich Republican Retirement
home for incurable tyrants and kings
and they can appear to themselves every day
on closed circuit t.v.
to make sure they're still real
it's the only connection they feel
"Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Liddy and Ney
Scooter Libby and friend, Mrs. Miers and Rummy
Mr. Tenet and party
The ghost of McCarthy
And the memories of Nixon
and now, adding colour a group, of anonymous
arms-dealing Halliburton glitterati"
Did they expect us to treat them with any respect?
They can polish their medals and sharpen their
smiles, and amuse themselves playing games for a while
boom boom, bang bang, lie down you're dead
safe in the permanent gaze of a cold glass eye
with their favourite toys
they'll be good girls and boys
in the Gingrich Republican Retirement Home for colonial
wasters of life and limb
is everyone in?
are you having a nice time?
now the final solution can be applied

With apologies to Pink Floyd

See AlsoEdit

The monkeys working on
"Gingrich Republican Retirement Home"
are currently throwing feces at each other. They will return shortly.

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