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Ghostriding is a stunt involving a moving automobile and at least one person, but no driver.

How The Stunt WorksEdit

The car engine is started and the car is put into the neutral gear. As the car slowly rolls forward (occasionally backwards) the occupants exit the vehicle and dances atop and around it.


"Ghostriding" was started in the San Francisco bay area and has been featured in 2 rap music videos thus far.

As of December 2006, it is believed that 2 people have been killed participating in the stunt.

This is a warning to all Americans exactly how dangerous it is.

Not because 2 people have died, but because it was started in San Francisco.

Comparisons to IraqEdit

A stunt that involves a moving vehicle that has no driver and whose occupants are dancing around it, like "Ghostriding", has nothing in common with Iraq whatsoever.

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