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A child wearing typical ghetto fashion. Note: she is visiting Rome with both her Ivy-League educated parents (who are married to each other)


  1. (noun) where poor people live
  2. (adjective) anything that takes on the qualities associated with African-American neighborhoods (e.g. fashion, music or language)

How To Identify A Person From The GhettoEdit

1. Loud

2. Wearing Many Colors

3. Poor

4. Stolen Items in Possession

5. Smells like fried chicken

6. Smells like marijuana which is evil and illegal and the core of everything wrong with our great country

7. Doesn't speak common English (you may not be able to understand the 'slang')

8. Has weave or relaxed/permed hair

9. Has the latest iPhone 4, newest Cadillac, most nutrient deficient fast food, etc. (afraid to not be the top consumers in America yet the most poor minority)

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