Hello, Kitty
Hello, Ghengis Khan
Asian and very good at math.
The Baby Satan has a special place in hell for
Ghengis Khan
and YOU just for visiting this internets tube!
Dead bear
Ghengis Khan
is a member of the Bear Hunters of America.
Be Scared, Bears.

Ghengis Khan was an anorexic Mongolian who took over the world with the help of The Holy Roman Empire. While hunting bears one day with Hannibal and Attila the Hun he was shot with an arrow in the face by Atilla. Thankfully he survived but was missing half of his nose and needed surgery.


After surgery he went through "Rehab" with Richard Simmons


Ghengis Khan had impotence and became addicted to Viagra. Because of his addiction he had many brain problems. After beating his addiction he formed a organization that sold used Viagra pills. It failed. Miserably.


Ghengis Khan died of a nosebleed. Ghengis Khan is not dead!!! He is hiding out with Tupac

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