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Here George is asking a tough question

As a real journalist, George Stephanopoulos asks the tough questions of America's politicians and world leaders.

But, working in the liberal media, George has found himself under fire for not toeing the liberal agenda.

Poor George has had to suffer the humiliation of having his reporting scrutinized by communists, his interviews shaped by homosexuals and his masculinity mocked along with his height (or lack of).

George has even written a book about himself, but even that was edited by an East Coast liberal elite, probably a New York Intellectual.

George really wants to be taken seriously and wants to help.

George has kept records of all the questions he wanted to ask during interviews and debates he has moderated, but was unable to due to time restraints and liberal busy-bodies telling him what to do.

Please help us help George show his true journalistic colors by posting stuff he has said, or would have said if only it wasn't edited out by someone else trying to make him look bad.

Things George Really Wanted To Say, But Couldn't For One Reason Or AnotherEdit

  • Let's say, if after you're elected President and we go out for a beer, will I--at any time during the evening--ever get the opportunity to pull your finger?
  • Which color is more patriotic: red, white or blue?
  • If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?
  • What person would you most like to have a beer with, living or deceased? And a follow up, would you have commuted Jesus' sentence?

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