George P. Bush
is a Beautiful Republican
God Bless America
George P. Bush
es en el menú a
¡Cómo muy afortunado para tú, porque tú está aquí!
Pee Bush

"Pee" Bush posing for photographers, preparing for his run for President in 2016

George Prescott Bush is a genetically manufactured Republican, designed for the 2020 Presidential election[1].

Like all the Bush "men", "Pee" (what he prefers to be called) received all his training the old-fashioned way: through hard work.

Pee is named for his paternal great-grandfather, Senator Prescott Bush.


Pee's father is Jethro Bush and his mami is some Hispanic maid who smuggles drugs for Rush Limbaugh or her daughter, I forget which.

Pee was pampered well taken care of as all Hispanic children living in Florida named Prescott are.

Before going off to college to make his way in the world, Pee never had any trouble with the law; Pee always acted Within The Law. After all, his programming doesn't allow for any premature media exposure and neither does his handlers.

College YearsEdit


Is he the sexiest Latino stud-muffin named "Prescott"?


Pee has received jobs from his family connections in many fields:

  • law
  • real estate
  • probably oil in some fashion

Pee has denied rumors that he will receive a position in Condoleeza Rice's administration when she ascends to the office in 2008 2020.

Military ServiceEdit

Like all Bush "men", "Pee" served with honor and had to be physically restrained from re-upping for 300 years.

Not GayEdit

Despite what you may have heard
George P. Bush
Is totally not gay!

Also, just in case I forgot, Pee is not gay. He married a woman in the mould of his aunt, Laura Bush.

Pee is a ChristianEdit


There are no indications that he is one of those weird religions, so it is safe to assume he is Christian.

God Bless America!


  1. The timing of which, by the way, has nothing--nothing--to do with the president holding office in that year will be able to cover up the papers of whoever was president 12 years earlier. Nothing to do with that whatsoever. Because, technically, Dubya will be out of office in 2008, 12 years after that will be 2020 and if Pee runs in 2016, the only way he could stay in office to cover for his uncle is if there was some kind of war in the years preceding 2020, which the president in 2016 would never, could never have anything to do with.

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