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George Harrison was The Beatles lead guitarist ( The British pot-smoking hippie band whose music was responsible for a failed British Invasion of the Mid 1960s.)

Some argue that their music holds no relevance today because it is so ancient and because they wanted to be more like the American Rock group of the day; "The Monkees". It was George who served as the negotiator between the 2 bands, He was the type of It-Getter who understood that America was and will always be number one. George took the only obvious and natural step, admited to the Monkees and the world that the Beatles would stop the British Invasion and settle for being #2.

Monkee beatles

Harrison with Peter Tork of the Monkees.

Early YearsEdit

Harrison was born February 25th 1943 in Pepperland, an animated world in a parallel universe that sits next to our own and it is home of the Music hating Blue Meanies.

Love For Music & Blue MeaniesEdit

.Better Know A Beatle Edit

Somewhere around 1966 he got obsessively interested in Indian music, which kind of wound up taking over his life. This was bad and indirectly led him to divorce his wife Pattie Boyd, who actually introduced him to Indian culture in the first place. This is ironic.

So after The Beatles broke up officially in 1970, George went off on his solo career. His two most commercially successful records were Cloud Nine and All Things Must Pass; both of which kick some serious ass. He also, with some other now-irrelevant famous dudes, started a group called the Travelling Wilburys, who were actually successful, despite the lame-ass band name.

George died at the end of the year in 2001, and now is chilling in the hippie Beatle afterlife with John Lennon.

The heading at the top of this page states that George doesn't have anything to do with Stephen Colbert. This is inaccurate--Stephen has in fact mentioned The Beatles on his show on multiple occasions. Had it not been for George, there would have been no Beatles (so's said Paul McCartney). Had there been no Beatles, Stephen wouldn't've been able to make those references. Therefore, by the transitive property, George Harrison is in fact connected to Stephen Colbert.

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