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Despite what you may have heard
Geoffrey Jellineck
Is totally not gay!

Geoffrey Jellineck is a close friend and camping buddy to the History teach Chuck Noblet. He is the art, cheer-leading and Orchestra teacher at Flatpoint High.

Yes, we've all heard the scurrilous rumors on the Internets that their relationship is "suspiciously close", "a little too close" and "a tiringly obvious gay joke". Blasphemous slander! Noblet and Jellineck's friendship is as wholesome and all-American as mom, apple pie, and Brokeback Mountain! They enjoy such manly pursuits as getting away from the wives, horsing around at the 'ol steam bath, and such fun imagination games as "Cop in a Bathhouse" and "Louis Pasteur Innoculates a Cow". They are totally not gay!

Paul Dinello, though... total fag.

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