Hello, Kitty
Hello, Genghis Khan
Asian and very good at math.

Genghis Khan, former President of Mongolia

Geghis Khan was the president of Mongolia and the next-door-neighbor of Henry Ford. He grew up bothering Ford with his good friend Attila the Hun. Unfortunatly Genghis got a lot richer then Attila and stole his girlfriend so Attila shot him in the face.

Environmentalist HippieEdit

Solution to Global Warming: Kill Them All!Edit

Genghis Khan received the "Greenest Man Award" from Al Gore, after helping to cut down 700 million tons of carbon from the atmosphere. And all it took was just killing 40 million people, but since they were Chinese it does not count as Genocide.

This evidence clearly demonstrates that Genghis Khan is a pussy hippie and a communist! It this the kind of man we want our children to turn into?

Scientists have found that 85% of the human population has genes from Genghis Khan. Boy, did HE get around!


This badass killed 40 million Chinese and saved our planet!
What have you done with your life?

Conquering Communist ChinaEdit

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