General Wesley Clark
has been a guest of The Colbert Report
and got nailed in the process
General Wesley Clark
is a Traitor
And will soon feel the wrath of a vengeful Baby Jesus.


Wesley criticizing a sitting President, but with no uniform, what gives?


Obviously he hates America, come on, would a Retired Four Star General dare criticize a sitting Commander-In-Chief?

Wesley Clark used to be a kick ass Four Star General in the United States Army and Supreme NATO Commander. He has now turned into a liberal scumbag who hates America.

We're not sure what happened along the way. Maybe he has had his mind poisioned by Jane Fonda while he was fighting in Vietnam? Clark, unlike George W. Bush, was not patriotic enough to avoid going to Vietnam and risk the brain-washing of Fonda. Clark was also shot four times which suggests he wasn't that good of a soldier anyway. Bush, far superior in this regard, has only been shot once, by Dick Cheney, and, since Cheney is an American hero, it is considered an honor.

With his background, it is outrageous that Clark can be seen negatively criticizing Greatest President Ever, George W. Bush and The Bush Administration about the war in Iraq.

Clark tried to run for President himself, but people saw how waco liberal he had become, pretty sad coming from a Retired United States four star General. Have you ever seen Irony like this before? This is very upsetting. Can you say Flip-Flopper?

Factoids Edit

  • Has Had His Military Killing Machine Mind Taken Over By Evil Hellbound Liberals and thus has turned into a liberal. Come on, he's supposed to be about war, killing and bombing. Not about peace.





five stars is inflation (French did it first)

is only a four star general

wrote a book, A Time To Lead: For Duty Honor and Country ( a biography of The Greatest President Ever)

bad leadership is better than no leadership at all

supports an attack on Iran, cannot decide on bombing or ground war

believes it is never a good idea to start killing (pussy)

would rather use diplomacy (the horror!)

won't run for POTUS in 2008

has read Dr. Colbert's I Am America (And So Can You!) (winner of the 2008 Pulitzer in Balls)

External Link Edit

Where He Stands On The Issues

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