Obama-replaces-Afghanistan-commander-McChrystal-in-Washington 16

"...and since you've done such a good job in Iraq, I'm moving you to Afghanistan!" The Mooslim Leader of the USSA plays Risk with his top Generals.

Was the Multinational Force commander in Iraq. He knows why we're winning, but it simply wouldn't make sense unless you had a masters in public administration, a doctorate in international relations, or happen to be a Real American.

After the disgracefully on-target comments of Gen. Stanley McChrystal to Rolling Stone Magazine, in June of 2010, Gen. Petraeus was removed from Iraq and put in charge of Afghanistan instead. Lucky him! Now he gets to win there, too.

The September ReportEdit

Liberal whiners were asked to wait until September when General Petraeus' report on the surge would be complete before they go off and whine some more.

The General's report is being compiled and crafted to present the information so that all Americans can understand it.

In other words, The Greatest President Ever and his White House will fact check it and proof read it for spelling mistakes.

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