Geddy Lee
is too Canadian, speak American, eh.
Not quite girlie, not quite man,
Geddy Lee
is all Girlieman.

"What about the voice of Geddy Lee?
How did it get so high?
I wonder if he speaks like an ordinary guy?"
—"Stereo", Pavement

Those pants are tight because that's just the way they fit on Geddy.

Geddy Lee is a Jewish man tragically born without any testicles.

Geddy shattered sexual stereotypes and gender roles in vocal music throughout his formative years and eventually joined the local band Rush, the other members of which were sissy boys. In fact, Neil Peart admits that he isn't that good of a drummer. He felt at home immediately. It was the perfect place for him to be. In fact, after nearly 38 years, it still is. Despite the fact that he is getting old, Geddy still has the strength and unincumbered flexibility to hop around and perform quantum string theory interpretative dances (improvised, in keeping with laws of theoretical physics) on stage while strumming his bass guitar and warbling vocals capable of forming into a piercing projectile splittingly high enough to shear through two feet of solid steel. His voice remains unable to crack Hillary Rodham Clinton's heart of stone, however.

Notably, Geddy Lee has worn dark glasses ever since 1989's Presto. This is actually because he has gone blind; blind people wear dark glasses all the time so that people don't know which direction they are looking. Bobby, Stephen Colbert's stage manager, also wears glasses because he is blind, but his glasses aren't dark. Bobby hasn't realized this yet, though, because he is: a) blind, and b) stupid. Despite the fact that Geddy is blind, his bandmates still trust him to play complicated basslines and synth riffs.


One of the greatest accomplishments of Geddy Lee is the creation of the secret city of Geddysburg. It was in Geddysburg, a labyrinth of steel strings and bass pedal buildings, that the Battle of Geddysburg was fought at the pumping, pounding, explosive climax of World War 0. It was a decisive Canadian victory. Also a little known fact is that Rush music, specifically the song "Tom Sawyer" was written as a secret code to control a phantom killer satellite in orbit over the Earth. This fact was revealed in a recent episode of the TV show "Chuck".

During the war, Geddy served as a "double agent"; he later inspired Rush lyricist Neil Peart to write a song about his exploits for the 1993 album Counterparts. It was not a good song.

Geddy has also served as Double Agents, that is, two agents in the most recent episode of Supernatural, a television show about the, uh, well, supernatural. The two main characters, working undercover as Federal Agents, introduced themselves as Agent Geddy and Agent Lee. :-)

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