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Gays in the Military/Featured
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Gay Forcefield

The rising Gayness will act as a defense shield against Gods missiles of love.


This culture war is their Iwo Jima and they can't wait to raise this flag over the ditch grave of Western Civilization.

Having Gays in the Military is one facet of the homosexual agenda[1]. The gays believe that with a toned and well oiled fighting force, they will be able to secure the borders of the East Coast and West Coast from the rest of the nation. When this has been done, the gays can then have all the gay marriage they could want. The rest of America is not willing to let this happen as there are many it-getters fighting behind enemy lines trying to combat the swelling and throbbing tide of homosinsuality.

Currently, there is a "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy in effect throughout America's military. This policy was initiated by Bill Clinton and has been rumored to have been put into place so that there would be less straight men around screwing up his ratio. For whatever reason, gays are in the military and soon they'll be in you. They are learning to fight on land, sea, air and at Nascar rallies.

They're also a distraction to all the heterosexual men who have to be around them. This is one of the reasons the freedom opportunity in Iraq is not going as planned. It's believed that these gays in the military are working in collaboration with the Gaylamofascists to help secure the Mid-East for their gay brethren.

Gay Media Outlet

The only major network they trust and the one with the hottest male anchors (Brian Williams is a HUNK). And besides, NBC owns Bravo.

Of course, the Gaylamofascists aren't the only group being worked with. The GiTM are also working in conjunction with the Velvet Mafia. While the Velvet Mafia works to influence legislation, the GiTM are being groomed as a contingent insurrection force should the Velvet Mafia's plans to subvert America's mores with policy fail or should their homosexual agenda come to light, but the gays have planned for this as well. Their firm and musky smelling stranglehold over Hollywood and the rest of the "arts," is used to quell the masses into believing that being gay isn't evil. They especially use the NBC network to pass coded messages amongst the gay community and to promote a positive spin of the gay lifestyle.

The GiTM have also brokered a tenuous working relationship with the Gay Bears, but due to the volatile nature of bears, their dealings have been strained to the point of collapsing in a sweaty, breathless heap of bodies where you don't know where one man begins and another ends.

Branches of the Military Infiltrated by the Gay Menace

Gay Navy

Navy: Not much of a threat, too busy playing "submarine."

Gay Army

Army: The limp-wristed backbone of their fighting force.

Gay Air Force

Air Force: Death and sensual oils dripping from above.

Gay Marine

Marine: He will rip off your head and skull fuck you.

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