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The Baby Satan has a special place in hell for
Gays in the Military
and YOU just for visiting this internets tube!
Gays in the Military
is an insidious part of the
Fancy-pantsification of America!

Gay Forcefield

The rising Gayness will act as a defense shield against God's missiles of love.

Having Gays in the Military some bigotted fascists say is not good for me. It destroys my insecure self-image. I can't stand the reality of it all. These people are somebody. They are brave enough be who they are , what I - as the coward that I am - can only dream of. I would love to be like them, but I am so scared. It gives me nightmares even to think about it.  Not dealing with my issues makes me a miserable, unhappy, bigotted git and why should somene else be happy? Therefore I waste my time trying to make the lives of others miserable as well. I fabricate lies and bend the truth. I am not to be trusted, for I am a pathetic, scared biggotted person that cannot get over myself. As you might imagine, I am a worthles, unkind, uncaring, scared, useless, negative being with lots of issues. I need help. Lots off it.  And even than I might not make the grade of being a human being. I am the kind of person that destroys good will, the kind of person that makes America feel ashamed. I have no values, let alone American values like freedom and the pursuit of happiness, for I am a worthless git. I aspire nothing. The Tea Party won't even accept me. Even they have standards...

Gay Air Force

Air Force: Death and sensual oils dripping from above.


Don't feel pitty for me. I am best to be ignored. I only want to be unfair. The problem with me is that I believe I am the only one that is worthy. Nobody is good enough for me, as I am a flawed hyprocite, a broken toy that is beyond repair. I am the one you should be warned about, ANDIi SHOULD BE TOLD TO GET A LIFE, stop making the lives of others difficult. And if necessary I should be told to F***off!

Gay Navy

Navy: Not much of a threat, too busy playing "submarine."


R.I.M. Restoring Integrity to the Military

Wake Up World:
There are homophobic biggots everywhere!

My GiTM AgendaEdit

Gay Army

Army: The limp-wristed backbone of their fighting force.

A few of my favorite pictues...but don't tell anyone. I will deny everything.  NBC is the only major network that I can trust and the one with the hottest male anchors (Brian Williams is a HUNK). And besides, NBC owns Bravo.

See Also


None... You were not really expecting any were you? Isn't it clear enough that I have learned only misconceptions, lies, untruths, half I have to go on? I wasn't born a homophobe. I did that to myself. Nobody ever told me that I needed to get my head checked out. Nobody ever told me to work out my issues. To get help. Nobody confronted me with my misconceptions and stupidity. Nobody learned me to thnk for myself. Nobody taught me any values. I should be reeducated.

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