"Gays for Colbert"
is an Official "Lover of Immoral Bears" (LiB) Site™
Despite what you may have heard
Gays for Colbert
Is totally not gay!

Caesar in "Shameful Shower"

"Gays for Colbert" (formerly known as the Congressional Page Assistance Association) is a national non-profit organization that supports Stephen Colbert and his political agenda.......ok it's actually just a bunch of guys who want to see Stephen naked. They are satisfied watching Caesar Honeybee's many porn titles, which include "Shameful Shower", "Could you Pick Up the Soap" and "Caesar does Cincinnati".

Overview and position (what's that jabbing me) Edit


Organization members begin each meeting with a personal greeting

The organization is not pro-gay marriage or pro-gay rights. They demand a closet for every man. They support the right for every gay man to act straight enough to pass, as well as supporting a "Don't know, don't worry" policy. This isn't working out for some former members of this group, including Senator Larry Craig and former Congressman Mark Foley.

The organization meets the first Wednesday evening of every month at the local YMCA Men's room.

History Edit

In 1969 Castro street, San Francisco California, a young runaway street hustler was about to learn the ways of the world.....*huh*....OH YOU MEAN HISTORY OF THIS!

I was bored with porn one night and decided to use the computer for something else.....and a *Cough-faux-Cough* non-profit was born. While we don't receive federal dollars.....a number of congressmen have indeed.....made donations. Hell....if ACORN can do it.......

LeathermanShoppingNoBkg This article might have to do with something gayish. Please straighten it out
Not that there's anything wrong with it the way it is,
but it is a little "light in the loafers" (if you know what I mean...)

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