gives aid and comfort to America's enemies. As A True American™,
it is your duty to report Gay/Signals to the authorities.

When one wishes to have gay sex in a public bathroom, one must know the specialized communications involved to be successful. has compiled these signals from members of the gay community, none of whom visit this site.

Choosing Your MateEdit

Shoe TypeEdit

Foot TappingEdit

Richard Gere tap dance routines from Chicago have been found to be valid signals for soliciting gay-bathroom sex 12/10 times.

Hand SignalsEdit

Performing the hand-jive from Grease or reciting any John Travolta mumbo-jumbo (other than quotes from Pulp Fiction). Pulp Fiction is one of the most American films ever made and has nothing to do with homosexuality.

Ex. If a man says "Mr. Kot-turh" to you while you are in the bathroom he is trying to signal you."

Ex. If a man quotes a line from that John Travolta movie that no one saw about Scientology you probably will not realize it until he has his pants down and is in your bathroom stall.


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