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Gay-sounding Sports Terms
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On the May 22, 2007 episode of "The Colbert Report", Stephen Colbert interviewed John Amaechi about being a gay basketball player.

During this interview, Dr. Colbert reminded America that the sport of basketball has many phrases that sound gay, but have been revealed not to be.

After years of research, has compiled this exhaustive list of sports terms that sound gay, but might not be.

"Gay-sounding Terms"Edit

  • groin pull - general
  • rubber match - general
  • squeeze play - baseball
  • base on balls - baseball
  • taking one for the team - baseball
  • in the hole - baseball, golf
  • take the rock to the hole - basketball
  • tight end - football
  • wide receiver - football
  • end zone - football
  • go deep/go long - football
  • ball boy - tennis
  • backcourt - basketball
  • full-court press - basketball
  • man-to-man - basketball
  • offensive rebound - basketball
  • backcourt violation - basketball
  • hard to the hole - basketball
  • long ball - soccer
  • man-marking - soccer
  • back tackle - soccer
  • ball carrier - general
  • banana kick - soccer
  • dribble - general
  • hand ball - soccer
  • thigh trap - soccer
  • ball handling skills - basketball
  • manhandling - generic
  • reach-in foul - basketball
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