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The GOP Maverick was compact car manufactured by the GOP Motor Company from April 1969-1977 in the USA, Canada, and Mexico, employing a rear wheel drive platform dating back to the 1960 General Election. Originally marketed as a 2-door sedan at an initial price of USD $1,995, the Maverick was designed to be inexpensive to manufacture and maintain. History has proven this assumption wrong.

An "Alabama Redneck Option"(ARO) trim level was introduced late in the 1972 model year that included soft mullet reclining bucket seats, 12 beer can holders, woodgrained instrument panel trim, radial tires with body-color deluxe wheel covers and a gun rack. There was a complimentary Gideon's Bible and rape kit in the glove box. The Maverick ARO option was one of the first American compacts to be marketed as a lower-priced alternative to the more elitist luxury/touring sedans built by the competition.

Despite being one of GOP Motor Company's most successful cars, the Maverick has not reached the popularity of the Gipper, and is still overlooked by most classic car enthusiasts. As they grow in age and rarity, the cars have been making a resurgence in popularity, but still do not command the majority of Electoral College votes. The have a reputation of running erratically. The ride and suspendsion are not smooth.

In 2008, the GOP Motor Company decided to ressurect the Maverick nameplate on a new model manufactured in Alaska. Maverick 2.0 uses MILF technology, which processes human biowaste to run on pure excrement. Sales were brisk in the two weeks following the model's fanfare introfuction at the Republican National Convention, but nosedived when a massive recall was ordered on the car's GPS system. The unit's voice command module would randomly respond to all prompts for directions with "Can I get back to ya"?, "In what respect, Charile?", or "Can I call you Joe?". Technical expert Todd Palin was summoned to perform a firmware upgrade, but the results of these actions will not be known for about nine months.

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