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Fyffe, Alabama
is a Recognized City of the United States of America.
All the geography American schoolkids Need To Know.
Fyffe, Alabama
Mayor: Bill Hicks
City Motto: Don't let the sun set on your ass
Theme Song:
Population: city proper- 9000
Standard MPH:
Principal industries:
Fun Fact # 1: It really exists
Fun Fact # 2:

Fyffe, Alabama does exist, and is not just some random made up piece of Geo-Fiction. Unlike some people that would like you to believe it's just a simple town made up by Bill Hicks, it is in fact, a major cultural hub in Alabama.

Fyffe TodayEdit

  • Booming Space industry with NASA in nearby Huntsville.

Popular Ethnic Neighborhoods In FyffeEdit

Fyffe LandmarksEdit

Famous People From FyffeEdit

  • Vestal Goodman, Southern Gospel artist, founding member of the Happy Goodman Family
  • Cat Freeman, former member of the Statesmen Quartet and the Oak Ridge Boys
  • Lowell Barron, Politician

Bill Hicks' was never from there, but he did seem to hate the town

A Typical Day In FyffeEdit

watch paint dry hot air balloon rides

Segregation of MutantsEdit

  • Mutants are to be segregated.
  • Mutant-Americans are on drugs.


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