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The Future Born-Again Christians Club (FBACC) is an exclusive association of budding Born-Again Christians, sincere in their efforts to be Born Again in the Lord's service.


The FBACC was created to handle the overflow of Americans desperate to become Christians. Due to the sheer number of applicants for Christianity, the leaders of American Christianity developed a system to quickly process everyone.

The 5 Stages of ChristianityEdit

The leaders of American Christianity have now made the Five Billable Stages of Christianity available to all Americans. An instructional dvd's and nutrition booklet are available for three easy payments of $39.95. All major credit cards accepted.

The Five Stages are:

  1. the non-believer
  2. the Future Born Again
  3. the Sinner
  4. the Discovered Sinner
  5. the Born Again

Famous Past MembersEdit

FBACC Nominees for the Class of 2006Edit

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FBACC Nominees for the Class of 2009Edit

Future FBACC NomineesEdit

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Future Born Again Christians Club
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Since 1222

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