Fungi is a phylum of animals that is made up of 80% fungi. Fungis (Yes, the plural to fungi is fungis) are a deadly race of animals that, while impossible to prove, scientists believe came from Mars. Fungis live off the brains of plants and animals, and some even have the mischeivious ability to pants fat people in public. This had led to an outbreak of riots, 57 deaths, and the Moon Landing.

If you see a fungi, you should immediately attempt to kill it (same as with all plants, bears, and people that say the first letter of their middle name when saying their full name (Samuel L. Jackson can do it though because he invented it)). There are multiple ways to kill a fungi:

-Shoot it! The bigger the gun, the better.

-Light it on fire! Like other plants, bears, and babies, fungis are fun to light on fire.

-Stare at it! Fungis are very self-concious. If you stare at them long enough, it WILL die.

-Nuke it! Nukes are fun, and kill everything. Plus, only America has them, so we might as well use them.

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