Nest of Fundie Mormon in YFZ

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Even the LDS Church thinks the FLDS are weird.

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The head of this cult is Warren Jeffs.

Fundie Mormons is a subspecies of Mormons.

Fundies Habitat Edit

Fundies like to gather in large herd and build their habitat behind giant gates. You can't find them in the wild or in the concrete jungle. Fundies can be found in:

Fundies Behavior Edit

The males of this subspecies are the defacto leaders of its herd. Status of each bull fundie is determined by the number of cow fundies that mates with him. Status of each cow fundie is determined by the number of young cubs that she bears.

Fundies Study Edit

Don't go into their habitat without proper anti-fundies gears. Fundies don't like camera, (maybe fear of photo flashes?), so always bring cameras with you. Fundies don't like dark-skinned humans, so you'll have to leave your black friend at home (be sure to leave plenty of food and water in his cage).

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