Frog worship was revived after discovery of seminal text by St Peter (also known as Gabriel) who originally appears in Genesis but then adopted a secret life and propagated the idea of "kissing the frog" as the path to spiritual enlightenment - particularly for women.....
Abandon Truthiness All Ye Who Enter This Internets Tube!
discusses one of the Liberal's Ridiculous Theories and Notions.

Frogs were mythical creatures believed to have existed before the "Great Glacial Liberation of 2010".

Frogs were believed to have been what scientists called, "amphibious" meaning they lived both in the water and on the land, which as everyone knows is just fantasy.


Ancient Egyptians worshipped the frog goddess Heqet because horny toads where unknown to them. They associated the frog with fertility and playing leap frog was both a religious ritual and foreplay. Frog worship is on the rise with many Liberals secretly engaging in this ancient sick twisted leap frog worship.

'Amphibian Ark' seen as species' last best hope

Copyright 2006 Los Angeles Times

Scientists aim to round up frogs and related animals before a deadly fungus kills them off.

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