Friedman Curve
brings Wealth and Prosperity to Americans and
The Free Market
America thanks you, Friedman Curve

The Friedman Curve is a statistical representation of how well the free market is working despite liberal attempts to Communistasize America.


The Friedman Curve can take two forms:

  1. the Horizontal Success Vector (HSV) and the
  2. the Vertical Success Vector (VSV)

The Freidman Curve plotted on a graph.

To the untrained eye, neither of the Friedman Curves appears to be as upbeat as liberal lies will allow you to believe, but the very best Americans feel the reality behind the Friedman Curve and know that they show pure economic success.

The HSV can be seen between the values 100 and 20k on the graph at right. The VSV can be seen between 20k and 40k.

Every good American can see the clothes on this Emperor!

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