French Bread
est trop Français
veuillez l'éditer pour le rendre plus vrai dans les tripes

French bread, just like English muffins in England, was not originally made by the French Communists. In fact, France actually has a history in which all bread manufacture, other than that of the "Freedom Bread" (relative to "Freedom Fries")was stopped. "Let them eat cake" cried the royalty after even their tasteless monarchical communist bread couldn't feed the millions of stupid French peasants.


Lucky for the mindless oafs, they were saved by Stephen Colbert who miraculously came up with true "Freedom Colbert Bread." However, the victory soon proved to be short lived, as the French resorted to their evil ways once again, even after having been saved from starvation. They stole the recipe and claimed it as their own, leaving yet another reason to hate the French.

An interesting note, this is also another example of how twisted the French are. While they regularly rename French stuff in the name of freedom (we can only suppose to fool the Canadians), they also steal freedom in the name of communist France i.e. freedom Colbert Bread, Freedom fries, etc..

Link to Down's SyndromeEdit

Scientists have discovered a link between french bread and retardedness.

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