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Freeway Blogger
gives aid and comfort to America's enemies. As A True American™,
it is your duty to report Freeway Blogger to the authorities.

While America looks forward to Iran, The Freeway Blogger lives in the past

The Freeway Blogger is a menace to society but not in a way that anyone can exploit for profit, like in the way 50 Cent is.

He (it is assumed a person with a job is a "he") goes around posting signs on freeways sporting blasphemous slogans against The Greatest President Ever!

He has a website (, only men can have websites) and is currently encouraging other ne'erdowells to join him in his anti-America agenda!

Real Americans are asked not to participate, but instead are asked to block the offending signs because not only do they defame the Greatest President Ever!, but they also promote reading.

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